Archive | September, 2008

Remembering Anna

30 Sep
My Anna(grandpa) would have been 95 years old today had he been alive. He passed away about 10 years back when I was in college. Childhood memories filled my mind this morning as I tried to recollect the many bits and pieces. I can vividly recall his tall and handsome appearance, his intelligent features and the light of wisdom in his eyes. He had a larger than life personality and a lot of people looked up to him and secretly desired to be like him. Even today, I can feel his influence on his family, in a way that keeps his memories alive. He had a way with all his grandchildren and has carved a niche in our hearts.
He loved his work and had dedicated his life to a number of social causes. He was a man of great vision had the courage to walk the talk. I cherish the great things he did but at the same time I am saddened by the fact that I do not have a distinct personal memory of him. I can remember his presence in my life but I do not remember a single episode to call my own. I wish that I had shared a more personal connection with him. He has a place in my heart and I know that I will always fondly remember him but I do not know if I will really miss him.