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If looks could kill….

18 Jan
If looks could kill, then staring into those big, beautiful eyes I’d be dead by now (and in heaven, maybe). Its hard to believe how incredibly powerful they are, for instance, they can instantaneously set in motion complex emotions and feelings. And if they ever well up in tears then – beware of the consequences!!

Following in mommy’s footsteps

12 Jan
Looking at this picture, I can certainly say that my daughter is just a fitness freak like her mom. I am glad that I’ve passed on the fitness gene to her along with the numerous bad ones like impatience and laziness.

Fresh fresh fruity fruity…..

9 Jan
Mango fruity….fresh n juicy…….

I am reminded of the Frooti commercial when I see this picture. This is Jiya, fresh out of her bath, at her fruitiest best and even dressed in Frooti colors! I can almost smell the sticky sweet mango fragrance. I love the ruffled hair look and the mischievous twinkle in the eye.
In case you didnt know, Frooti is a mango drink widely available in India since my childhood days.

Jiya’s first jeans and shoes

5 Jan

Look at the all American little lady, dressed smartly in red, white and blue!! I dont think I saw my first pair of jeans until I was about 10 I think but this little girl is already showing her true colors (literally…..) and also earned quite a few praises for the chic outfit (I must say that I deserve a pat on my back too……as the wardrobe incharge). But hold on, where are the shoes??
Well, I see them now and the little lady is wondering what needs to be done with them…….

And that wasnt hard to figure out……how could anyone miss the most delicious treat of all!!!

20 minutes

5 Jan
I got on my treadmill in the late afternoon and as I started running, it dawned on me how much peace I felt that it was almost therapeutic. For instance, I had been mad at Raghu about something since the morning but as soon as I stepped on my T, my frustration was gone and I fixed a nice dinner for him that evening. I think I could have found an answer to all our domestic troubles. They say that, never go to bed angry and I think that a quick sweat on the T could be a good way to vent away that anger and frustration for the night.