A happy Friday morning

13 Mar

Today is a very happy morning, why, I am back into my most loved possession – my pre-maternity clothes. Honestly, I have hated the XL and XXLs since the day I had to turn to them and would secretly pray that I wouldnt have to go beyond XX.  No, I did not have nightmares about them but now after having lost more than 25  lbs (thanks to my A-diet and exercise routine) I do dream about setting them on fire. I am awfully proud of myself on my achievement,  actually loss to be exact. Will they call me on Oprah? Will I be asked to write a book on it? I think not, but, I can most certainly write this post about it which I have been wanting to ever since I started(seriously) my weight-loss routine.

I have surrendered all my favorite foods for the past so many months and I just realized that I have not made a bigger sacrifice in my life before. But wait, I have to take it back – Dictionary.com says that ‘sacrifice’ means giving up something prized regardless of profit. So since I profited from my loss(of weight), the giving up does not really amount to sacrifice but rather just plain ‘giving up’. But who cares? I am focusing only on the ‘profit’ aspect here regarless of the associated cost. Sacrifice or not, I simply DID IT and am back into the lean league once again.

BTW, did you guys know what makes the tower of Pisa lean? IT NEVER EATS!!!


One Response to “A happy Friday morning”

  1. Anjali March 13, 2009 at 2:11 pm #

    25 lbs!! You go gurl!!! This is very very inspiring. I have to get an RSS feed of this after 4 months because I am in the stage of XLs and soon will be in XXLs. Hey and the joke in the end was hilarious..can’t stop laughing …

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