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Things which annoy me – Part I

30 Apr

Yeah, I am in a very sarcastic mood today so I am commencing the series. It will an ongoing series because I know that this is not the end and I do have my grumpy mood bouts. This subject has probably been beaten to death in the past but this is my first time beating the dead horse. Those who do not possess the funny bone, please go no further, others can safely read on –

  • People who sit on the couch next to you and tap their feet endlessly. Dude, dont you realize that you are actually in contact with me by virtue of the couch? Can you please respect my space and quit the mindless foot twitch?
  • People who post or email you inverted photos. Seriously, do you expect me to rotate my monitor or myself to be able to see you the right way? Have you heard of/seen the ‘rotate’ button in whatever software you are using?
  • Volume level of TV commercials. Why is every single one of them louder than the main TV show you are watching? What are they trying to prove – like the louder one wins the argument or something?
  • People who ask you ‘Are you alright?’ after they have fired you. Yeah, I feel like I am on a 5-star vacation and you just doubled my salary while I was away.
  • People who drive painfully slow in the leftmost lane. Dude, why dont you just get out of the car and take a walk(no pun intended)!

To be continued…..


Spending imaginery money

29 Apr

Tax return season is finally over and I am happy to see some money deposited into my bank account and I am happily thinking about how I am going to spend those dollars and my eyes widen with horror. I just realize that I have already spent it, and not just once, many times over. Let me think –

  • I bought that treadmill back in December 08
  • My BOB, the jogging stroller
  • That nice afternoon at the spa
  • The shopping spree after I lost all the baby weight

Oh my God, please STOP IT!!! I am not usually like this, I am the planning and meticulously spending type so how did this happen??? I cant even blame the pregnant hormones any more. Maybe, it is the post-layoff money spending syndrome. I just hope that it is!

A toast to motherhood

26 Apr


This is my entry for the Indusladies Mother’s Day contest.

Yesterday, I was watching the movie ‘Marley and Me’ and Jennifer Aniston, a mom of three, says, “I cannot believe the amount of sacrifice I have made to become this person that I am not” or something to that effect.

This got me thinking about how true it was, it occurred to me that I had indeed given up so many things to become this person that I WAS NOT and the best part was that I hadnt even realized it!!

I remember last year, I was hoping to have my bundle of joy in my hands by Mother’s Day but it didnt happen as Jiya was in no hurry to leave her cozy place and now here I am one year later with this little monster raining chaos in my house and I cant get enough of her.

When the stork dropped her off, I remember the first question I asked my husband was if she had any hair, which I now realize was the dumbest thing I could have said at the “most beautiful moment of our life”. I also remember the day when I got my ultrasound at 20 weeks. Raghu was in Bangalore and I in California, so I decided to get a video tape of the baby swimming inside me so he could catch up on what he had missed. But I was terrified when I saw the images on the doctor’s screen. To me, the baby looked like E.T. and I reluctantly got the tape for Raghu but I swore never to watch it again, although I do think E.T. is cute in an alien sort of way. That night, I felt like a terrible human being – what kind of person compares their unborn child to an alien??

And then there were those nasty spells where everything was the baby’s fault(not to mention the husband) for e.g.

  • make me wear those disgusting maternity clothes
  • making me feel guilty for even glancing at those Mai Tais my friends were gulping down
  • lodging her limbs into my ribcage and thinking it was my idea of FUN
  • making me look fat and round(who cares about the motherhood glow nonsense!)
  • making me wear cheap flip flops instead of my designer high heels
  • giving me nightmares about going into labor in an airplane at 30,000 feet
  • making stange people want to touch my belly

Yeah, I’ve had my share of ups and downs, all right. So, did I turn out to be a terrible mom? I think not, I did just fine, I actually exceeded my own expectations. Thus far, Jiya has never ceased to surprise me and I am amazed that she manages to bring out the best and the worst in me and I understand the true meaning of my mom’s words, “You’ll know when you become a mom”. I want to give myself a pat on the back and to all the fellow moms out there.


And I know that this Mother’s Day, I want to raise a toast to myself, to motherhood and to my daughter and most importantly to my mother who is my role model for the biggest lesson of MOMMYHOOD.

Face Painting

25 Apr

I was at a face painting event yesterday which I had been invited to photograph. A friend of mine who organized the face painting class and who knew about my fancy camera asked me if I was free and I jumped at the chance. Take pictures of kids and that too with painted faces… cute is that!!!

When I first met this friend of mine, he had been dressed up as Santa and I took pictures of him with little kids at Christmas time at this really cute babystore. That is how I came to know Santa. I was totally impressed by Santa’s personality, especially his long snow white beard which I found out was totally real(NO, I did not pull at, just asked him very politely)!! He has these beautiful boots(couldnt resist posting the picture) with bells and the usual Santa accessories.


So Santa is a Santa during holiday time and an elementary school teacher by day and naturally has an amazing way with young children.

Anyway, back to face painting, posting some of the pictures below. I especially love the way the artist has matched the face colors with the clothes.






Jiya and Mommy’s ‘mission’ accomplished

22 Apr

My apologies to all my readers for the lack of posts. Well, I was trying to play a full time host to my cousins and a part time mom to their 3-year old and it was the craziest combination ever. Life is now getting back to normal as I resume full time service to Jiya.

Last Sunday, all of us made a trip to Mission Peak with both the kids hauled on our backs and boy, was I proud of myself!!!


Jiya hitched a five-star ride to the top with occasional snacks and refreshments. Mommy was dead tired but was secretly hopeful that it would knock off a few ounces in the least! Jiya enjoyed the gorgeous view of the valley from the top. Mommy could feel each and every muscle on her shoulders, back and feet at the end of the day and also the next day. But the feeling was totally bittersweet and mommy is waiting for a rerun 🙂

An afternoon in San Francisco

13 Apr

We were up in the city yesterday and it was a beautiful afternoon and we did not actually curse our weather luck one single time although I did curse myself for not being up there earlier in the day.






Monkey Business

9 Apr

Jiya is totally having a great time riding on mommy’s back. Dont these pictures remind you of our ancestors? We seem to be following in their footsteps albeit with a bit of help from technology. You’ll know what I mean from the pictures!!! Funny, how things come back full circle……..