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Domestic Disasters

30 Jun

My friend Swaram tagged me today to do a post on my favorite photo and I remembered that I was behind on the tag that she gave me quite a while back about my encounters with domestic disasters and this memory comes distinctly to my mind.

I was very young, I’d say maybe 8 and my mom had asked me to watch the milk that she had left on the stove before leaving the house. I had been warned to ‘not leave the stove until the task was completed’. But I obviuosly thought she was kidding and happily skipped away and before I knew it all the milk had boiled over on the stove and the countertop. Now I had to deal with all that wastage of milk as well as cleaning up the entire mess. There was no way I could hide my blunder, where was I gonna get the milk back? So to make up for the loss and save my face, I could try and restore the kitchen back to the state that my mom had left me in charge of and lo, I was struck with a cunning idea. I fetched Motu, our little puppy from the backyard and put him to work on the countertop. And poor little Motu lapped away all the milk until he was completely full and could eat no more. In fact, he was so exhasuted that he collapsed and fell asleep in the small leftover milk puddle!! I scooped him up and quietly placed him back on his blanket and wiped away the remaining mess while praying for my mom to return only after I had finished cleaning up.

When she heard the story upon her return, she didnt know whether to get mad at me or to smile at my creativity and she simply shook her head in disbelief. Even to this day, if I ever boil over my tea, I cant help remembering this episode and faintly smiling to myself.

Thanks to Swaram for tagging me on this one 🙂



28 Jun

My laptop crashed about 10 days back and ever since I have been scrambling to get it working again. I spent an hour on the phone with the customer support representative and he asked me to open up the machine and do stuff that I’d never ever do on my own. But nothing worked and the verdict was that I would have to ship it off to the service center for repairs but the catch was that they would simply restore it to factory settings which meant I’d lose all my data. So I was scrambling again to get a data backup before shipping it off. I was extremely frustrated and upset that I would be laptopless for the next few days. I had not realized how dependent I had become on the laptop and I think this upset me more than anything else.

Something very nice happened the same day and I couldnt help smiling. We had been teaching Jiya a few words here and there and she suddenly said M-O-M, although I am doubtful if she knows what it means, but it was enough to lift my spirits. She kept repeating it every few minutes and I was all smiles by the time she had finished exercising her new found vocabulary. She started again the next morning, but quickly I realized that instead of saying M-O-M she was saying B-O-M. In her sleep, she had forgotten how to say the first letter M and I was now her B-O-M, no, actually BOM BOM BOM……

New Blog Launched

11 Jun

Finally, I have launched my new photo blog but this time on blogger simply for comparison sake. Please check it out at Ashwini’s Photo Blog.

New Update

10 Jun

I’ve already behind on my one-post-a-day commitment but I have a very good reason. I have been working on a new photo blog and I am really excited about it. I’ll be launching it very shortly, so please bear with me until then and I promise you would not be disappointed. Thanks so much for all your support!!!


8 Jun

My mom just landed in California 5 days back. She’s met/spoken to a few folks since her arrival and all of them have asked her more or less the same set of questions and she in turn gave the same set of answers. Its weird when you have to answer the same questions again and again. Its like failing an exam and having to taken it again and again. And trust me this will continue till the last day of her stay. Here is how it goes…..

Day 1 or day 2 after arrival:

After the customary Hello, Namastey etc. etc. how was your flight? Did you have any problems with customs at the airport? Are you feeling jet-lagged? How long are you going to stay?

After a week or 10 days:

Have you overcome your jet lag? Then they come to know that my dad is still back in India and will be coming to California after a month – Wow, how is he managing without you?(BTW, its a given that Indian men cannot survive without their wives especially when the wife is out of town taking a break!) Then come the customary sight-seeing questions – Did you see any places? Is this your first time in California?

After a month when my dad arrives:

The first set of questions are all reapeated again. How was your flight? Did you have any problems with customs at the airport? Are you feeling jet-lagged? How long are you going to stay? And there is one more new addition – How did you manage in India without your wife?

After a couple of months:

How long have you been here? How do you pass your time? Do you get bored sitting at home the whole day? Do you miss India? What do you think about the life here as compared to life in India?

A week before they are leaving for India:

Did you finish all your shopping? Nowadays you get everything in India anyways. Will you be visiting again?(Although its none of your business!). Make sure that you go to the airport on time.

See, how predictable it is!! And can you imagine taking this exam over and over!!

By Day and Night

5 Jun

By far, this is one of my favorite subjects(only second to Jiya) to photograph. Its true that I havent paid much attention to it lately thanks to a complete shift of my loyalties, but it still remains very close to my heart, like a first love of sorts. I have to say that it never ends to fascinate me. I’ve heard of people renewing their wedding vows after 10/20/25 years but my love for this marvel is renewed every single time I lay my eyes on it and I cant get enough of it. You wouldnt believe but its the only reason why I agreed to run a half marathon and subjected my body to 13 miles of extremely insane and totally unwanted hardship. BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!! After all, I earned a finisher’s medal with a picture of IT.

Behold, I am talking about the Golden Gate Bridge. These are a couple of my favorite shots taken by day and by night.



And the love never ceases………..

Stunning Colors

4 Jun

Its hard work, writing a post a day especially when you are suffering from writer’s block induced by a 24X7 attention-seeking-one-year-old. Thats exactly what I am suffering from right now and it is only been 3 days since I declared to do a post a day. Me and my big mouth!!

So, I am going to do the easy way out, use one of my photographs in my post. This is like the nth time that my camera has come to my rescue and saved my face.


It was an ordinary evening in November of 2005. Raghu and I were on our way back from our 8-day road trip. This was somewhere on the way from Page in Arizona to Las Vegas. The sun was just about to set when we stopped on the side of the highway and pitched our tripod in a field. It was so cold that I couldnt keep my hand steady inspite of my gloves. The sky was ablaze as the sun went down and I managed to capture some of the stunning colors. WOW, if this was an ordinary everyday sunset, I wonder what an extraordinary evening would be like 🙂