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29 Jul

I’ve decided to go the Blogger way, so please be kind to me by visiting here and I hope that you will continue to love the same me but at a new location now!!



29 Jul


Yeah, you’re right, I did run away with him……

Blogger vs. WordPress

25 Jul

My dear readers, I seriously need some input on whether to go the Blogger way or the WordPress way. My Photoblog is hosted on blogger and this is a WordPress blog. I wish to merge both these blogs into a single one(which is a whole new project in itself) and am not sure which way to go. Recommendations greatly appreciated.

Friday Ramblings

25 Jul

The mind wanders at times and this is one of those times and I am surprised that I let it. And it is so unlike me. What is that thing playing on TV? What is that smell in my hair? What’s that noise? Is the door locked? What time is it? It is 2 minutes past midnight and it is technically Saturday. Should I change the name of the post to Saturday Ramblings instead of Friday? Does it really matter? I think I am okay because it WAS Friday when I actually sat down to write the post. So this post started on Friday and finished on Saturday. Okay hold on, its not finished yet and there is a good chance it might even spill into Sunday. On second thoughts, I am going to finish it right now in the next few minutes as I am bad at completing posts that drag. Can you believe how many drafts I have lying in my post-box??? ENOUGH, STOP IT, no one really cares about the trivial details in the lifecycle of my posts…….

Okay, continuing my chain of thoughts, if I were to go back to my post-box and were to read my half baked thoughts, I would not be surprised that most of them talk about parenthood in general. Or at least attempt to, probably HALF-HEARTEDLY which is why they are incomplete. AND HERE I GO AGAIN. What is parenthood really? I wish 10 million times that it was an objective question – A)YES B)NO C)THEY ALL DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN. I guess, what I am trying to say is that there are no straightforward answers, they have to be dug up. And there’s more, the same question could have two different answers depending on the time and date it was raised. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It’s a whole new kind of fun, not the eat-drink-and-make-merry kind though, but more like the one that surprises you, something like I-never-knew-I-could-do-this or I-never-knew-I could-be-so-patient kind of fun. It’s not science so you cannot rely on facts and figures and there’s nothing called DATA. But it’s not rocket science either. The more I think about it, the more I feel that it is really like a new job, EXCEPT that you are madly in love with your boss and you cannot get fired, EVER.

WHY DOES THIS THING I AM EATING TASTE LIKE CARDBOARD? Because it is 1:22 am and I SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN BED BY NOW!! Well, there you go, before I started rambling again, I am going to call it a day and yay, I managed to finish and publish this one.

My Little Goat

23 Jul

Lately Jiya has been doing the weirdest of things(which I hear are normal for a one-year old and they would seem weird only to everybody else). Sure, its the discovery phase and everything but whats to discover in dragging a laptop bag(which is easily twice her weight) all through the house and after falling over 17 times she finally sees the light of the day and settles down with the POTS AND PANS in the kitchen ignoring the 10 million age appropriate toys she owns. Its mind boggling to see the routine every single day and I cannot help but smile and eat her up.

I think in her previous life she was someone who earned her living doing laundry. The moment she sees a piece of cloth and I mean it, towels, napkins, apron, rag cloths, bedsheets, pillow covers, you name it, she has to grab one and run away and stash it in her secret hiding place and it will resurface the next day under the bed or her toy basket or even the shoe cabinet. Needless to say that her favorite digging spot is the laundry basket.

On second thoughts she could also have been a trash collector or a more fancier, treasure hunter, if there is anything like that. If I ever lose an earring, I can trust her to find it and the same applies to quarters, tags removed from new clothes, hair clips, cherry stalks, milk can caps, cheerios etc. What can I say, of course I am secretly happy that she found that earring but also relieved that the ‘treasures’ or ‘trash’ did not end up in her mouth. Turns out teaching her ‘GIVE IT TO MAMMA’ was not a complete waste of time.

These days I think that she might also have been a goat or a cow. How else would you explain eating karela whose juice was actually meant to be applied to her thumb in order to stop her from thumb sucking(karela or bitter gourd is an extremely bitter Indian vegetable) but surprise surprise, Jiya had stuck a karela slice into her mouth and was enjoying her snack. The karela juice formula had to be abandoned even before commencing the trial. Orange peel comes in a close second, I’ve tried to reason, WHY??? and ‘BRIGHT ATTRACTIVE ROUND ORANGE BALL’ is the best explanation I can come up with. She will grab at an orange and bite off a hearty bit of peel. No one knows what happens(to humans) when you eat orange peel, although I have not heard of any disadvantages of eating orange peel and I know that it does not cause any harm to cows and goats. We once had a dog when I was growing up, that would eat papaya skin and would still be alive and kicking the next morning.

Well, if Jiya was all this, I wonder what that makes me????

Writing a Movie Review

18 Jul

Did you guys hear that the movie Kambakht Ishq has been raking in much moolah since its opening, thanks to the AAD AADMI(common man) in Vin’s words. So it appears that I would totally suck at writing movie reviews(Refer to the previous post – A disaster of a movie). The first movie that I express an opinion about, turns out to be completely opposite based on the masses opinion of it.

So now I am thinking, what makes a good reviewer? How do you trust someone that you’ve never met before lead you into watching or not watching a movie? I wouldnt even let my parents of 30+ years walk me into a movie!! However much a reviewer may lay claim to write an unbiased opinion about a piece of work, I do not believe that it is possible. How do you leave out the several many years of family upbringing, education, lifestyle and social surroundings and most importantly your personality from your writings? Isnt it bound to affect your thoughts and words? For eg. I am a very adventure loving and outdoorsy kind of person, so I completely dig movies like Cliffhanger, Sholay(I know everyone on this planet loves Sholay and this probably has nothing to do with my personality but nevertheless) and I hate dark colored movies like Raincoat, Saanwariya etc. My point is that numerous such personality traits would unknowingly or knowingly manifest themselves in my writings.

Then how would one review a person who was going to write a review??? Is there a way to do this? I like the way I do it though its a back door way. But it helps in the long run. Read a review or two after you have seen the movie, so now you can judge whether your view matches with the reviewer’s. This will help set up a baseline for future review reading and decision making, through the front door this time!!

A Disaster of a Movie

15 Jul

DISCLAIMER: This is strictly my opinion and in no way a review of the movie. Please make your own call about watching or not watching it.

Why, why, why???? (in the same tone as KYON KYON KYON????). I cannot believe that I let myself being walked to watching this insult of a movie called Kambakht Ishq. I have certainly realized one thing that when you are an avid/regular movie-goer/watcher, your tolerance to such movies is very high as opposed to when you have to carve out 2+ hours from your bound-to-the-hands-of-the-clock routine causing you to spend the next 10 days getting back on track. This is, in effect, the LAW OF CONSERVATION OF TOLERANCE. The total sum of tolerance always remains the same. The level is reduced to a hair while watching such(read Kambakht Ishq ish type) movies and on the other hand it is stretched beyond belief while dealing with an attention challenged one year old.

Anyway, getting back to the movie in question, I am falling short of expletives. Even if the director of the movie sent me a written apology, I would be unwilling to accept. How can anyone even think of making such a ridiculous movie and even if someone made such movie and also a fool of themselves, how does it even get through the censor board? Worse, how did Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Sylvester Stallone and Dennis Richards not see the light of the day? Is it true that some people would do anything for money? I can imagine Kareena Kapoor being interviewed and asked about the character she plays in the movie and Kareena replying, “its very different from the characters that I have played before. I think I am just like her (the character) in real life so it was very easy to play the role”. Wow, if thats the case, then Kareena should be renamed a walking encyclopaedia of cursing and swearing because that is all she does for 2 hours straight.

I think I would rather watch Rakhi Ka Swayamvar instead.