Writing a Movie Review

18 Jul

Did you guys hear that the movie Kambakht Ishq has been raking in much moolah since its opening, thanks to the AAD AADMI(common man) in Vin’s words. So it appears that I would totally suck at writing movie reviews(Refer to the previous post – A disaster of a movie). The first movie that I express an opinion about, turns out to be completely opposite based on the masses opinion of it.

So now I am thinking, what makes a good reviewer? How do you trust someone that you’ve never met before lead you into watching or not watching a movie? I wouldnt even let my parents of 30+ years walk me into a movie!! However much a reviewer may lay claim to write an unbiased opinion about a piece of work, I do not believe that it is possible. How do you leave out the several many years of family upbringing, education, lifestyle and social surroundings and most importantly your personality from your writings? Isnt it bound to affect your thoughts and words? For eg. I am a very adventure loving and outdoorsy kind of person, so I completely dig movies like Cliffhanger, Sholay(I know everyone on this planet loves Sholay and this probably has nothing to do with my personality but nevertheless) and I hate dark colored movies like Raincoat, Saanwariya etc. My point is that numerous such personality traits would unknowingly or knowingly manifest themselves in my writings.

Then how would one review a person who was going to write a review??? Is there a way to do this? I like the way I do it though its a back door way. But it helps in the long run. Read a review or two after you have seen the movie, so now you can judge whether your view matches with the reviewer’s. This will help set up a baseline for future review reading and decision making, through the front door this time!!


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