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How Much is ‘Too Old’?

27 Jul

I turned 30-something a few days back and this is what my (mean) family and friends brought for me. And I am not talking about the cake or the champagne!!

I cannot wait to get back at them!!

But seriously folks, what do you think is “TOO OLD”?? Or is there anything like “TOO OLD”?


Beauty Sleep

23 Jul

I want to put her in a sandwich and eat her up 🙂

 Have a Happy Weekend, folks!!

Of Fathers and Daughters

22 Jul

I know Father’s Day is long gone but I recently took this picture and couldnt help wondering about it. There is something so warm and fuzzy about a father daughter relationship. They share a very special and unique bond unlike any other. I am told that when my baby sister was born, I brought the house down at the prospect of having to share my mom and finally gave in with a heavy heart but when it came to my dad, I just plain refused, ‘NO WAY. HE IS MINE’!

The beauty of this relationship is that it has stayed the same over generations, no change, no evolution. Years ago, it was ‘Baabul ki duwayein leti ja’ and today it is ‘Papa ki pari hoon mai’.

The picture in question, which sums it all –

Although, I love being a mom and I would never give it up for anything else, I sometimes wonder how it would be to be a dad and experience that warm and fuzzy love!!



21 Jul

Let There Be Light

20 Jul

And God said, ‘Let there be light………’. On those same lines, I had a divine intervention and Urban Chai has been born and even I am curious to see how it is going to shape out in the days to come.
And today I leave you with this.