“Milk”y Ways

9 Aug

Finishing that one cup of milk each morning becomes an hour long ordeal on some days. Jiya manages to come up with all kinds of expressions and explanations as excuses.

Mamma, I am sleepy
I want strawberry
I want to sit on the sofa
I want to go potty
Mamma, I love you

Initially, this would frustrate me no end but hey, I am learning too. I have now mastered the art of not giving in to any kind of look that may come my way! Beti Numbari Toh Maa Das Numbari!!!

Along the way, I’ve also realized that until the d@#$ milk is done, there is a subtle hint of guilt in all those expressions and it vanishes the moment the last drop has been consumed. Like a heavy weight has been lifted off her chest and she is free. This according to her is a medal worthy moment and I totally agree. The finish line has been crossed and the marathon is over. And not just that, it is time to broadcast this mean achievement to all present. Even make a few phone calls while you are at it.

One such call with nani(my mom, Jiya calls her aai) went like this
aai: How are you jiya?
jiya: I am fine, aai
Aai: did you finish your milk?
jiya: (no answer and a guilty silence) (This was one occasion when it wasnt finished yet)
aai: I’ll call you back, once you’ve finished it


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