Thought Provoking

18 Aug

A friend and I attended a lecture last week. Its been so long since I used the word ‘lecture’ and actually attended one. It was called – “Marriage After Children – In Pursuit of Marital Sanity”. The person giving the lecture was a 72 year old lady and I was totally amazed by her enthusiasm and more by her perfectly manicured hands.

She talked about the importance of “Active Listening” in a marriage and how it can effect our day to day life. She told us an incident where one time she lost her cat and was worrying and recanting in front of her family and friends. And most of the people in the room came to her and consoled, “Dont worry. Things will be all right”. A few days passed without any news of the cat. Finally it was clear that the cat was gone. That day she felt like going to each and every one of those people who had assured her that things would be all right and demand an answer from every single one of them. Moral of the story – Dont give assurances if you dont know whether they’ll come true or not.

It was a simple story but very thought provoking, at least for me. How many times do we utter the words, “Dont worry” to someone? Do we even realize how the other person is feeling about our assurance? We just get carried away in showing our sympathy failing sometimes to really “listen” to what the other person is trying to say and what he or she wants to hear.

A few weeks back, IHM(who writes an awesome blog) wrote about her teenage daughter being very sick and in the hospital and needing a miracle to survive. Hundreds of readers assured her that things would be all right and there was nothing to worry. I know that all of them meant the best but how can one give an assurance when one doesnt know the complete situation. A few days later her daughter passed away and I could not help reflect that maybe we should stop and think for a second before uttering the words, “Everything will be okay” so unknowingly. Its not the same as dropping a “Sorry” or a “Thank You”.


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  1. AswathiBabu August 19, 2010 at 12:01 am #

    Liked your rendering wishing you a nice day

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