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A Very Colorful Meal

30 Sep

While the summer still rages on here in sunny ole California, I am busy drumming up some colorful salads that look pretty enough to attract even the biggest of salad detesters(this category totally exists, trust me).

The Whatever-You-Can-Get-Your-Hands-On Salad
Just throw all the stuff that you can get your hands on into a big bowl and toss it with some cheese and some olive oil or any of your favorite dressing. Go easy on the oil or dressing if you prefer a healthy result. Mine even contains some leftover flat Thai kind of noodles.

And for some protein to go along with it, what could be better than full/half fried eggs.

I had never tried this combination together and I have to say it is the most simplest and filling meal you can put together in under 15 min.


Basil – ‘Holy’ and ‘Unholy’

29 Sep

Its funny in a weird way how we Indians living outside India have come to realize the meaning(and also importance) of certain things. Take Yoga for example, I have recently spotted so many(if not more) yoga studios thriving all over California. Yoga and Hindu philosophy go hand in hand and practically all our religious leaders of the past practiced and propagated yoga in some form or the other. Woh kahte hai na, “ghar ki murgi dal barabar(one doesn’t appreciate the value of one’s prized possession)”. Yoga is a one such classic example.

Another such a neglected native is Holy Basil or Tulsi. Although Tulsi is very widely worshipped or associated with the Almighty in India, I’ve never noticed it being used in the culinary space except for the most bitter and revolting ‘kadha(medicinal brew)’ that my mom concocted when the kids were sick. But look at how big of a star the regular ‘Basil’ is outside India. It has such a refreshing presence when added to salads, drinks, pasta etc. And I’ve become a big fan of my little green spot.

You can read about the goodness of this green herb here.

What’s Cooking?

22 Sep

I did not realize that it is almost a month now that I havent posted anything. Blame it on unforeseen circumstances like too much of traveling and drinking(hic!), shopping and not to mention waiting hand to foot on a toddler. And yes, figuring out innovative ways to make your toddler eat those things starting with a V.
Here is one such recipe that I tried last week and it worked like a charm.

Grilled Veggie Sandwiches
Grill your favorite veggies(green, red peppers, zucchini, onions, carrots etc. whatever you can find in your fridge) with some oil and a dash of salt.You can grill a large batch and save the extras in the fridge for a few days later. Now get your favorite bread, place your favorite slice of cheese on one side, leave the other side as is or smear your favorite spread on it if you like. Place the veggies on on side and grill the sandwich in a panini grill or simply on your griddle/tava to get a nice crunch, some pretty grill marks and to melt the cheese. Once the cheese has melted, you can sneak in some shredded lettuce and your sandwich is ready.
Preparation time – 10 min (excluding veggie grill time)
You can have it with a serving of soup for a good full meal.