Cranberry Chutney

21 Oct

Conversation with R one evening after he had been grocery shopping on his own and after I noticed there were some items outside of THE LIST.
Me: What is this?
Him: Cranberries
Me: And what are we gonna do with them?
Him: Eat them, of course!
Me: I’ve never heard of anyone eating fresh cranberries
Him: Havent you seen people eat grapes and also eat raisins? Isnt it the same with cranberries – fresh and dried?
Me: I am not so sure
And the next moment, Jiya had spitted it out and I had wrinkled my nose!
So now we had a boxful of fresh cranberries and nothing to do with them!

But all wasnt lost. Google and some resourcefulness combined, we churned them into a fantastic Cranberry Chutney.

Although it looks hideously red, it tasted delicious. Quick recipe – Throw in cranberries, a few green chillies, sugar and salt into a blender and whip up a mean red! And btw, the cranberries do taste a bit like ‘Karaunda’, if you know what I mean.

Dosas and cranberry chutney, anyone?


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