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Oh my… precious!!

31 Jul

Isnt she gorgeous?


When I am ONE HUNDRED years old……

9 Jul

J recently turned four and her excitement at having achieved that milestone was complete treat to watch. There were a million and a half things on her when-I-am-four-to-do list. Once the excitement had settled down, pop came an unexpected question, “Mamma, what am I going to do when I am ONE HUNDRED years old”? And I did not know what to say. Where did she get this idea of turning one hundred was what I was wondering.

Well, today I heard the very same thing from another kid while dropping J off to school. Here is a bit of that conversation –

Little girl to teacher: I do not want to go to this classroom from tomorrow, I want to go to pre-K class

Teacher: But sweetie, this is pre-K classroom

Little girl: No, this is room 10

I couldn’t help joining in: Tell me sweetie, what room is pre-K classroom?

Little girl(thinking real hard): Room ONE HUNDRED!!!

There you go – ONE HUNDRED again…….And what made it more hilarious was the animation with which it was uttered – WONN HUNNNDREDD!!!!! Now I knew that this WONN HUNNNDREDD was an object of every four-year old’s fancy!

And when J asked me again the next day – what will I get and what will I do when I am WONN HUNNNDREDD years old???!! I simply said, You’ll get a cake with WONN HUNNNDREDD candles, my love 🙂 And she flashed me a beaming smile.