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Baby Food 101

10 Aug

I am finally posting my baby food recipes out here after my long lazy stupor. I am not a nutrition expert and this is just food that my children eat. But it’ll surely give you moms out there some great ideas to mix and match different foods together and create new and interesting meals for those picky eaters 🙂 So here goes –

Quinoa and Cauliflower and Corn

Cook quinoa separately

Cook cauliflower and corn separately. I made it slightly dry with a hint of Indian spices. The advantage of making it this way is it can also serve as an adult side dish as well.

Mix almost equal portions of quinoa and cauli-corn and coarsely blend in the processor. Depending on how your baby does with solid food, you may grind it to a paste or just leave it coarse. Also you can make just one portion or 2-3 portions for multiple meals. When I am making multiple portions, I save them in individual single portion boxes or jars so it’s very quick to use for later.