Meet Ashwini

My name is Ashwini and I am just your average wife and mom who loves her daily cuppa. In India they would probably call me a ‘Ghaati’. Life has never been the same since I became a mom to my two adorable girls. So far, I have managed to choose my children over a lot of things that I did before I had them. It’s amazing how the littlest of things now revolve around them. Both of them have a fairly happy personality (I think ‘personality’ is a very BIG word for a 4-year-old, but my pediatrician uses it all the time!) which I hope continues to be the case as they grow older. I will try not to give you any advise on parenting, honestly I do not know what to do with a crying baby and I am terrified of the future. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

In times of yore I was a Chemical Engineer (or at least I studied to be one) and used to work at a petrochemical plant. I cannot believe that I have climbed onto several hundred feet of scaffolding and stood on a ledge to peer inside a distillation column. You can compare the feeling to when you are standing on a ledge to bungee jump, the only difference is that you have to actually jump while bungee jumping. All this seems like a past life now.

In my spare time, I dabble with outdoor stuff like running, hiking and nowadays the biggest challenge is to find a babysitter when both of us want to go out for some adult time. I love to cook and my specialties these days are – mush vegetables and fruits, extra mush grains and lentils and I can easily give Gerber a run for their money.
I am passionate about photography, especially photographing my girls. You will get to see a lot of their pictures on this blog. And also my other photos.

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