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Baby Food 101

10 Aug

I am finally posting my baby food recipes out here after my long lazy stupor. I am not a nutrition expert and this is just food that my children eat. But it’ll surely give you moms out there some great ideas to mix and match different foods together and create new and interesting meals for those picky eaters 🙂 So here goes –

Quinoa and Cauliflower and Corn

Cook quinoa separately

Cook cauliflower and corn separately. I made it slightly dry with a hint of Indian spices. The advantage of making it this way is it can also serve as an adult side dish as well.

Mix almost equal portions of quinoa and cauli-corn and coarsely blend in the processor. Depending on how your baby does with solid food, you may grind it to a paste or just leave it coarse. Also you can make just one portion or 2-3 portions for multiple meals. When I am making multiple portions, I save them in individual single portion boxes or jars so it’s very quick to use for later.



Oh my… precious!!

31 Jul

Isnt she gorgeous?

When I am ONE HUNDRED years old……

9 Jul

J recently turned four and her excitement at having achieved that milestone was complete treat to watch. There were a million and a half things on her when-I-am-four-to-do list. Once the excitement had settled down, pop came an unexpected question, “Mamma, what am I going to do when I am ONE HUNDRED years old”? And I did not know what to say. Where did she get this idea of turning one hundred was what I was wondering.

Well, today I heard the very same thing from another kid while dropping J off to school. Here is a bit of that conversation –

Little girl to teacher: I do not want to go to this classroom from tomorrow, I want to go to pre-K class

Teacher: But sweetie, this is pre-K classroom

Little girl: No, this is room 10

I couldn’t help joining in: Tell me sweetie, what room is pre-K classroom?

Little girl(thinking real hard): Room ONE HUNDRED!!!

There you go – ONE HUNDRED again…….And what made it more hilarious was the animation with which it was uttered – WONN HUNNNDREDD!!!!! Now I knew that this WONN HUNNNDREDD was an object of every four-year old’s fancy!

And when J asked me again the next day – what will I get and what will I do when I am WONN HUNNNDREDD years old???!! I simply said, You’ll get a cake with WONN HUNNNDREDD candles, my love 🙂 And she flashed me a beaming smile.

My beautiful Cinderella

21 May

The only thing missing is the glass slipper!

Quick DIY Craft Project

4 May

Just recycled some paper bags(that have a store or brand logo on them) into gift bags. This is a cool project for kids to do. Just let your imagination run wild 🙂

Motherhood: Reality Check

25 Apr

Although, Mother’s Day is still a few weeks away, and I had intended to write this post for Mother’s Day. But I just could not wait until then. DISCLAIMER: This post is ‘inspired’ by a post from my old blog(now deactivated).

Some time back, I was watching the movie ‘Marley and Me’ and in the movie, Jennifer Aniston who is a mom of three, says, “I cannot believe the amount of sacrifice I have made to become this person that I am not”.
Motherhood actually does funny things to you. If you think, you’ll realize that you have been fighting tooth and nail to become someone that you are not. I like to think that this transformation is for the greater good. But you got ta admit that motherhood isnt always the textbook kind, it isnt always picture perfect, there are the usual rough-around-the-edges moments.
When my first one was born, the first question I had asked my husband in the labor room was, “Does she have any hair?” Who asks that? By the time I had my second one, I thankfully didnt care about the hair anymore. Also I have refused to watch the 20-week ultrasound tape that I specially had the OB/GYN’s office make. I really could not bring myself to see the most non-human looking thing. I did feel terrible that I had almost compared my unborn child to an alien. ALMOST! 
And of course there were those nasty spells where everything was the baby’s fault(not to mention the husband) for e.g.
  • make me wear those disgusting maternity clothes
  • making me feel guilty for glancing and then dreaming about sipping a glass of my favorite wine
  • making me look fat and chubby(honestly, who cares about the motherhood glow nonsense!)
  • making me wear cheap flip flops instead of my heels
  • giving me nightmares about breaking my water and going into labor in the middle of a meeting at work
  • making me ridiculously clumsy and keep dropping things and then having to bend over and pick them up
Yeah, I have fulfilled my share of ranting and cursing. Does that make me a terrible mom? I hope not. In fact, I think I exceeded my own expectations. I am amazed that my girls manage to bring out the best in me. I might even start liking this new and transformed ME. But no surprises that they also manage to bring out the worst in me at times. That is especially when mom’s words ring a bell, “You’ll know when you become a mom”. 
All of you fellow moms out there, give yourselves a pat on the back for accepting this new found self-evolution.

The Art of Ponytailing

16 Apr

Who would have thought that tying a ponytail would be such a big deal. Sure enough it is when being performed on a hyper-active 4 year old who doesnt know how to stand still. Add to it, the crazy morning hour when each person is trying to get out of the house and patience levels are running low.
I am filled with awe at how my mom did it when I was the said toddler in question. I am guessing that she had perfected the art and her best time was 2.5 min from start to finish. Practice does make perfect.
My tolerance level is abysmally low and I am on the verge of making an appointment with the kiddie hair dresser to have it all chopped off. That is exactly why I need to be reminded of the high cuteness quotient resulting from my labor every morning. This picture(taken on an exceptionally good day) does just that. So far so good.