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By Day and Night

5 Jun

By far, this is one of my favorite subjects(only second to Jiya) to photograph. Its true that I havent paid much attention to it lately thanks to a complete shift of my loyalties, but it still remains very close to my heart, like a first love of sorts. I have to say that it never ends to fascinate me. I’ve heard of people renewing their wedding vows after 10/20/25 years but my love for this marvel is renewed every single time I lay my eyes on it and I cant get enough of it. You wouldnt believe but its the only reason why I agreed to run a half marathon and subjected my body to 13 miles of extremely insane and totally unwanted hardship. BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!! After all, I earned a finisher’s medal with a picture of IT.

Behold, I am talking about the Golden Gate Bridge. These are a couple of my favorite shots taken by day and by night.



And the love never ceases………..


Stunning Colors

4 Jun

Its hard work, writing a post a day especially when you are suffering from writer’s block induced by a 24X7 attention-seeking-one-year-old. Thats exactly what I am suffering from right now and it is only been 3 days since I declared to do a post a day. Me and my big mouth!!

So, I am going to do the easy way out, use one of my photographs in my post. This is like the nth time that my camera has come to my rescue and saved my face.


It was an ordinary evening in November of 2005. Raghu and I were on our way back from our 8-day road trip. This was somewhere on the way from Page in Arizona to Las Vegas. The sun was just about to set when we stopped on the side of the highway and pitched our tripod in a field. It was so cold that I couldnt keep my hand steady inspite of my gloves. The sky was ablaze as the sun went down and I managed to capture some of the stunning colors. WOW, if this was an ordinary everyday sunset, I wonder what an extraordinary evening would be like 🙂

Beauty in my backyard

2 Jun

This is the house and the backyard where I grew up. Whats weird is that its taken me more than 25 years to ‘SEE’ the beauty and capture it. That is exactly why I love my camera so much, it can simply transform ordinary commonplace things into pieces of visual art.





Photo Finish at Denver Airport

1 Jun

Enough of me slacking!! I’ve decided to declare the month of June as one-post-per-day-month to make do for the sleepiness and slothfulness(this is really a word, no kidding!) that I had been indulging in. And so here comes the first installment.

Wow, what a finish it was at Denver airport on the fateful Tuesday evening!! I felt like I was in one of those oh-so-predictable thriller movies except that there was nothing predictable about my situation.

It all started when we missed the return flight to San Jose on Tuesday morning. Well, it actually started at the very beginning. I will explain myself and by the end of that explanation I would be living proof of Murphy’s law that ‘If there is anything that can go wrong, it will‘. We reached San Jose airport on that happy Friday evening to begin our trip to Denver and found out that the flight was delayed due to thunderstorms in Denver. And that was the start. Over the next 3 days it rained, it snowed, it rained again and snowed again and more rain and a tiny bit of sunshine was literally the only silver lining. I felt like an idiot for having traded gorgeous California sunshine for lousy soaking wet weather. But the highest point of the trip came at the very end. Like I said earlier, we missed our return flight to San Jose on Tuesday morning and were put as standby(wait listed) on the evening flight. We decided to try our luck and came back to the airport in the evening only to be told that we wouldnt know until the last passenger had boarded the the flight which was like 6.5 minutes before departure. After clearing security with all our trappings and paraphernalia (seriously, between the 3 of us, we needed 7 of those little tray things to put our stuff in for the scanner!!), Raghu parked me and Jiya and all our accessories at the boarding gate and went out again to return the rental car. I was almost certain that we werent going the make the final cut of confirmed passengers and even if we did, Raghu wasnt going to make it….Murphy’s law, what else?? But this is where, we managed to prove Mr. Murphy wrong. The agent handed me our boarding passes with 1 minute left to board and at the same instant I saw Raghu making a mad dash towards the gate.

We finally made it, each one of us and each one of our accessories back to San Jose on the same flight and in one piece. SWEET.

Bay to Breakers

22 May


Wonder what that was…..that was how I finished my Bay to Breakers race on Sunday. For those who do not know, the Bay to Breakers is a 12K or 7.46 miler in the city of San Francisco. It is the oldest foot race in the world and this was my third one. I was a little disappointed that I could not better my time from my last race but nevertheless I was happy that I was back in running action, especially after the baby!!

I was not really born a runner. Although I did race a bit in school, it was limited to running away after breaking the neighbor’s window pane or running behind the dog or being chased by the school bully. Actually, none of this is true, I just made it up, except the not-born-a-runner bit. I was actually a decent racer in school, I mean in serious school racing events. But that has nothing to do with me running the Bay to Breakers. I could have well been a couch potato and still participated in this race as it is the most unique. You’ll find all kinds of people including serious racers, not-so-serious ones, walkers, slackers, crawlers, people with costumes, people with more-clothes-than-normal, people with no clothes/no shoes etc etc. Bottom line – Anyone who wants to have a good time (read, get drunk on a Sunday morning) usually turns up at the race. BTW, I am just kidding about the getting-drunk part.

All-in-all a great race……………..


These are photos taken by a friend………….


The husband and I at the finish line……………..

Jiya and Mommy’s ‘mission’ accomplished

22 Apr

My apologies to all my readers for the lack of posts. Well, I was trying to play a full time host to my cousins and a part time mom to their 3-year old and it was the craziest combination ever. Life is now getting back to normal as I resume full time service to Jiya.

Last Sunday, all of us made a trip to Mission Peak with both the kids hauled on our backs and boy, was I proud of myself!!!


Jiya hitched a five-star ride to the top with occasional snacks and refreshments. Mommy was dead tired but was secretly hopeful that it would knock off a few ounces in the least! Jiya enjoyed the gorgeous view of the valley from the top. Mommy could feel each and every muscle on her shoulders, back and feet at the end of the day and also the next day. But the feeling was totally bittersweet and mommy is waiting for a rerun 🙂

An afternoon in San Francisco

13 Apr

We were up in the city yesterday and it was a beautiful afternoon and we did not actually curse our weather luck one single time although I did curse myself for not being up there earlier in the day.