Chicken Burger/Sandwich from scratch

18 Apr

Today I discovered this food blog called Edible Garden and was so inspired by it that I decided to make something and more importantly take a picture of my creation and post it here. This is what came out.

I wasnt really planning on doing a recipe post but I guess the title of the post warrants it. So here goes –

For the Chicken Patties – 
Ground Chicken
Finely chopped onion
Grated ginger and garlic
Red chili powder as per your taste
Oil for cooking

Mix all the above ingredients together to make a gooey mixture. Shape into small patties(the size of your burger bun) and cook on a pan(approx 2-3 min on each side) until brown on both sides.

For the assembly –
Sliced cheese
Sliced tomatoes and onions
Salad Greens
Cooked chicken patties
Ketchup or chili sauce

Stack all of the above on a burger bun(I used multi grain bread) and you are ready to go! Enjoy!


The Art of Ponytailing

16 Apr

Who would have thought that tying a ponytail would be such a big deal. Sure enough it is when being performed on a hyper-active 4 year old who doesnt know how to stand still. Add to it, the crazy morning hour when each person is trying to get out of the house and patience levels are running low.
I am filled with awe at how my mom did it when I was the said toddler in question. I am guessing that she had perfected the art and her best time was 2.5 min from start to finish. Practice does make perfect.
My tolerance level is abysmally low and I am on the verge of making an appointment with the kiddie hair dresser to have it all chopped off. That is exactly why I need to be reminded of the high cuteness quotient resulting from my labor every morning. This picture(taken on an exceptionally good day) does just that. So far so good.

Breakfast for the Soul

11 Apr

Couldnt resist taking a picture of a plate of Desi Style Anda Bhurji(fried eggs with chilies and onions and tomatoes) and Paratha. Move over you, Scrambled Egg.

A Cup of Chai is back!

5 Apr

I have been totally guilty of slacking but now I am back! I want to say a big thank you to all of you who have been reading this blog and have been asking me about my disappearance. I hope to not disappoint you hereafter.

Come to think of it, I have the most cutest seven month old reason to explain the disappearing act. Not to mention a hyperactive elder sibling who these days has been competing with the younger one for attention as well as toys with the same fervor. It amazes me how she oscillates between her acts of being a needy infant to a sensible BIG sister. But she does have all of us wrapped around her little finger even her baby sister for that matter. The little one is practically in love with her big sis.

In short all in well in our household and life feels like its making an attempt to get back on track. For once, I am all eager to welcome the predictability back into my life.

First Day of School

15 Jul
First Day of (Pre)School, an important milestone for a very excited 3-year old and an equally excited mom. It is a promotion from daycare to close-to-the-real-school.
The highlight of the whole preschool adventure is arguably the ‘LUNCHBOX’. The bright red with white polka dots lunch bag is Jiya’s most prized possession these days. She wants to eat all her meals out of the lunch box, including breakfast and dinner. Although the irony remains that lunch is the least favorite meal to eat out of the lunch box, if you know what I mean 🙂
So continues the journey of many more such milestones, bright and beautiful, big and small!!

Happy Birthday to my Little Princess

2 Jul

Its been said many times and I’ll say again, they grow up so fast!! THEY REALLY DO. My little baby’s turned three and it does feel like just a few days back she was a tiny furball in my arms. I wouldnt have guessed at that time that this teeny weeny little being is soon going to have a personality of her own. And personality need not be directly proportional to height or age.

Speaking of personality, its simply amazing to see reflections of myself in her at times. Brings about a happy sense of pride, like scoring a brownie point. And my latest high came when she was more interested in reading ‘Little Miss Giggles’ than playing with my iPhone. Dont you just love those moments of parental satisfaction(maybe I am doing something right). And you want to lock them into a little box forever.

I have to admit though that I am doing a lousy job at recording these beautiful moments and being eight months pregnant is no help at all. Some days I have bouts of sudden anxiety that I need to stop these moments from slipping through my hands. Its going to be harder than ever as I realize that soon mommy space and time is soon going to be shared amongst a jealous toddler, a bawling and hungry infant, an ever-increasing list of chores and not to mention a husband and a job. And top it all up with the need for some PEACE OF MIND and SLEEP, of course!!

In short, I am terrified of how much of dysfunction I will be able to handle in the coming months. Inspite of the lurking unknown, its heartwarming to see my toddler wanting to caress and kiss her baby sibling who she cant understand wont stop kicking mommy. I think she is already teaming up with the baby and plotting our downfall. And I am loving it! I cant wait to sweep her up into my arms next month, something that I have missed doing SO MUCH for the past few months, especially on her birthday.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little, ‘BIG’ girl :-))

Bay to Breakers 2011

23 May

Although I missed the Bay to Breakers this year, I was at the finish line to capture some of the moments of the historic 100th year of the race. Hoping to get back into the action next year!!