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Is it a boy or a girl?

30 Mar

The day I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to find out whether it was a boy or a girl! But I had to wait for 20 long weeks to know. Not that I cared about the pink or blue stuff, I just wanted to be able to address the human inside me appropriately and make meaningful girl talk or man talk. So I could not control my excitement on the morning of the sex-determination appointment. I arrived about 20 minutes late to the doctors office and felt like it was over for me and that they were going to punish me by hiding the baby’s sex and I’d have to wait until the final D day. But no such thing happened and the ultrasound nurse gave me the green light shortly afterward that it was a GIRL and even gave me a girl picture to prove it (which was completely useless as I couldnt even figure out the correct orientation of the photo and it could have been a black and white picture of almost anything!) and I simply nodded my head in agreement. But the point is that, my wish had been granted and the next instant, the whole world had gotten the news except one person, my DAD. He was adamant that we do not tell him and my mom had the toughest time not letting it slip out. She had to warn relatives, friends, neighbours, the postman, the dog and anyone in direct contact with him that he didnt know and we wished to keep it that way. I had to fill-in-the-blanks on my phone conversations with mom when my dad was within hearing distance of her and if there had been a third person in the room, they would have surely thought my mom was crazy. Once, I almost gave it away when I sent him pictures from my baby shower but I think he was too preoccupied looking at my enormous tummy to notice the ‘pink’ balloons in the background.

My best friend from school was going to have her baby around the same time as me and her little girl arrived four days before mine. All was well in my dad’s unknown and undisturbed world until he called her father to congratulate him on the arrival of his grand daughter –

My dad – Hello there, many congratulations to you on your little darling!!

Friends dad – Thanks man, I cant believe I am a grand dad, just anytime now you’ll have your little princess too!!

My dad – What, how do you know it’ll be a little princess?

Friends dad – C’mon now, the whole world knows!

My poor dad, simply hung up the phone! And well, so much for all the hush-hush and secret conversations and abrupt silences and weird we-know-but-cant-say baby references!!!


If looks could kill….

18 Jan
If looks could kill, then staring into those big, beautiful eyes I’d be dead by now (and in heaven, maybe). Its hard to believe how incredibly powerful they are, for instance, they can instantaneously set in motion complex emotions and feelings. And if they ever well up in tears then – beware of the consequences!!