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Basil – ‘Holy’ and ‘Unholy’

29 Sep

Its funny in a weird way how we Indians living outside India have come to realize the meaning(and also importance) of certain things. Take Yoga for example, I have recently spotted so many(if not more) yoga studios thriving all over California. Yoga and Hindu philosophy go hand in hand and practically all our religious leaders of the past practiced and propagated yoga in some form or the other. Woh kahte hai na, “ghar ki murgi dal barabar(one doesn’t appreciate the value of one’s prized possession)”. Yoga is a one such classic example.

Another such a neglected native is Holy Basil or Tulsi. Although Tulsi is very widely worshipped or associated with the Almighty in India, I’ve never noticed it being used in the culinary space except for the most bitter and revolting ‘kadha(medicinal brew)’ that my mom concocted when the kids were sick. But look at how big of a star the regular ‘Basil’ is outside India. It has such a refreshing presence when added to salads, drinks, pasta etc. And I’ve become a big fan of my little green spot.

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