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Bay to Breakers 2011

23 May

Although I missed the Bay to Breakers this year, I was at the finish line to capture some of the moments of the historic 100th year of the race. Hoping to get back into the action next year!!


Bay to Breakers

22 May


Wonder what that was…..that was how I finished my Bay to Breakers race on Sunday. For those who do not know, the Bay to Breakers is a 12K or 7.46 miler in the city of San Francisco. It is the oldest foot race in the world and this was my third one. I was a little disappointed that I could not better my time from my last race but nevertheless I was happy that I was back in running action, especially after the baby!!

I was not really born a runner. Although I did race a bit in school, it was limited to running away after breaking the neighbor’s window pane or running behind the dog or being chased by the school bully. Actually, none of this is true, I just made it up, except the not-born-a-runner bit. I was actually a decent racer in school, I mean in serious school racing events. But that has nothing to do with me running the Bay to Breakers. I could have well been a couch potato and still participated in this race as it is the most unique. You’ll find all kinds of people including serious racers, not-so-serious ones, walkers, slackers, crawlers, people with costumes, people with more-clothes-than-normal, people with no clothes/no shoes etc etc. Bottom line – Anyone who wants to have a good time (read, get drunk on a Sunday morning) usually turns up at the race. BTW, I am just kidding about the getting-drunk part.

All-in-all a great race……………..


These are photos taken by a friend………….


The husband and I at the finish line……………..