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What was I thinking?

21 Mar

Excitement, Anticipation, The bridge to nowhere, Masking grave horror, Worst nightmare ever, Nightmares do come true, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!

Seriously, what was I thinking? It was 5 years ago, in April of 2004 that I was lured into going Bungee Jumping. Today, I want to think of it as buckling under peer pressure to save my self esteem. The episode reminds me of how it feels to be out of one’s mind. About 15 of us had traveled 5 hours overnight, stuffed in a bus to Angeles National Forest, hiked through 2 hours of wilderness to an abandoned bridge to experience what I thought would be the most thrilling ride of my life. So lets see, I had subjected myself to about 14 hours of  physical trauma, for a few seconds of adrenaline rush! Who in their right mind would do such a senseless thing?

And when I had finally stood on the ledge, my feet were shaking. I had stood on narrow ledges several feet above the ground in the past but never had I been asked to jump from them. My hands were sweaty as I clutched the rail, my throat was parched and I could see my life flashing on the rocks in front of me. I made a promise to myself – never again and finally took THAT MINDLESS STEP FORWARD.