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The ‘A’ Diet

2 Mar

Disclaimer: This diet plan has been designed by me for myself. I am certainly reaping the benefits. You are most welcome to try it out albeit at your own risk. Please be aware that I am neither a nutritionist nor a doctor.

Having said so, here is the famous ‘A’ diet.

Some basic information:

Weight loss is simple math to some extent. One will lose weight when outgoing calories exceed incoming calories. So it can be wise to watch what you eat. Just make sure you read the ‘nutritional info’ before popping something into your mouth.

Lets say, an average person burns 2000 calories as a result of a no-exercise daily routine. So if you eat less than 2000 calories a day, you are bound to lose weight. This is simple math and a good equation to remember.

What happens when you eat carbohydrates in excess? Carbohydrates are energy giving foods but if eaten in excess, the extra carbs will be stored as fat. So do not overeat!! I tried to follow the rule ‘no carbs after 6 pm’. That does not mean I starved by body of the essential enery givers, I simply controlled the carb intake and tried to eat as little of them as possible.

And I am repeating again, keep in mind always, energy out must be greater than energy in order to lose weight. 3500 net calories lost or burnt, amount to 1 lb of weight lost.

OK, back to business –

Breakfast – low sugar oatmeal + milk
(its good to have a protein and a carb in the morning, options – a glass of milk, one cup of cereal, or a cereal bar, a banana, eggs, 2 slices of whole wheat bread etc)
Lunch – Home cooked meal (3-4 chapatis, sabzi, dal, rice, indian salad like tomato/cucumber/carrot/beet etc.)
Dinner – Home cooked meal again(try to eat all the carbs you want before 6 pm)

Absolute NO-NOS – SUGAR in any shape or form, FRIED FOOD, JUNK FOOD(its mostly fried)/FAST FOOD

No/Low carb options – nuts, protein bar, eggs, soups, cheese, salad, chicken, fish, non-starchy vegetables etc.)
Try to drink 2 glasses of milk everyday
For sugar cravings try sugar-free jello
Misc snacks – nuts, cheese, fruit, cereal bars, protein bars, baby carrots, soups, multigrain crackers, plain/flavored yogurt, sprouts etc