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Domestic Disasters

30 Jun

My friend Swaram tagged me today to do a post on my favorite photo and I remembered that I was behind on the tag that she gave me quite a while back about my encounters with domestic disasters and this memory comes distinctly to my mind.

I was very young, I’d say maybe 8 and my mom had asked me to watch the milk that she had left on the stove before leaving the house. I had been warned to ‘not leave the stove until the task was completed’. But I obviuosly thought she was kidding and happily skipped away and before I knew it all the milk had boiled over on the stove and the countertop. Now I had to deal with all that wastage of milk as well as cleaning up the entire mess. There was no way I could hide my blunder, where was I gonna get the milk back? So to make up for the loss and save my face, I could try and restore the kitchen back to the state that my mom had left me in charge of and lo, I was struck with a cunning idea. I fetched Motu, our little puppy from the backyard and put him to work on the countertop. And poor little Motu lapped away all the milk until he was completely full and could eat no more. In fact, he was so exhasuted that he collapsed and fell asleep in the small leftover milk puddle!! I scooped him up and quietly placed him back on his blanket and wiped away the remaining mess while praying for my mom to return only after I had finished cleaning up.

When she heard the story upon her return, she didnt know whether to get mad at me or to smile at my creativity and she simply shook her head in disbelief. Even to this day, if I ever boil over my tea, I cant help remembering this episode and faintly smiling to myself.

Thanks to Swaram for tagging me on this one 🙂