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26 Mar

Its been 11 years, I had stood on the podium in my college and given a farewell and thank you address on behalf of the graduating class of 1998. Darn it, did I just give out my age!! It really doesnt matter because even when I am 50 years old, I’ll remember good old LIT with the same fervor and fondness.

Here is that speech, not from memory but from the much folded and tattered and treasured piece of 11 year old paper!

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west following the same structured path from dawn to dusk. So simple, isnt it? But our journey from our fresher days to this supersenior level has not been so simple. Today, I take the opportunity to once again explore that journey with everyone present here.

On the very first day, when we stepped into LIT, the four years seemed like four decades towering in front of us and and we had to fulfill the arduous task of conquering them. But now they seem to have passed in four blinks leaving our eyes wide open to see and face our future. They have equipped us with all the worldly wisdom we need to march to our goals.

I clearly remember the morning of Aug 16, 1994 when we had all gathered in the I year classroom for the Director’s address. We became a part of the institution that morning and wondered what it had in store for us. There was the fear and excitement of new teachers, surroundings, subjects as well as the pride of being associated with LIT. The long corridors, the winding stairways, the workshops, all filled us with awe but the mere sight of our seniors made us tremble and ragging stories gave us nightmares. But soon, we perfected the art of hiding from not only our seniors but also our professors.

The end of the first year marked the beginning of a new relationship with our seniors and also our successors who were now in our old shoes.

In the II year, our focus had shifted to more challenging and advanced matters. The pungent smelling and musty labs turned us off but we had to make them our own. The frustrating chemical balances gave us lessons of patience and tolerance. The occasional crashing of a beaker taught us to be more careful the next time. The huge ED hall became dreadfully tiresome and the long ponderings over the Shreve’s and Groggins felt more aggravating than ever. The canteen seemed like the last resort in the midst of all the confusion.

As we stepped into the III year, we entered a new phase of chemical engineering. We got introduced to advanced and highly specialized subjects like Unit Operations, Heat and Mass Transfer, Fuels and Combustion, Industrial Waste Treatment which are the pillars of chemical engineering. The final year students became our idols and we enthusiastically attended their seminars. At the end of the year, we bade goodbye to them and realized that it would be our turn next.

Come final year and we became heads of the LIT student family and were eager to offer help and advice to the junior students. Selecting our seminar topics, delaying dissertation registrations, unending searches in the abstract room, choosing of electives and so many such memories are still fresh in our minds. The most loved one is that of the cultural gathering ELITE 98 which brought the whole institution together in a finishing touch and will be forever cherished by us.

On behalf of my class, I want to thank our dear professors for giving us their best  and guiding us through the many ups and downs and kindling the spark of knowledge and learning in us. I would also like to give a special thanks to the III year students for the wonderful evening. We hope that the bond of friendship will last for many many years to come.

Wherever we go, we’ll do our best to make our institution, our beloved LIT proud of us.