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By Day and Night

5 Jun

By far, this is one of my favorite subjects(only second to Jiya) to photograph. Its true that I havent paid much attention to it lately thanks to a complete shift of my loyalties, but it still remains very close to my heart, like a first love of sorts. I have to say that it never ends to fascinate me. I’ve heard of people renewing their wedding vows after 10/20/25 years but my love for this marvel is renewed every single time I lay my eyes on it and I cant get enough of it. You wouldnt believe but its the only reason why I agreed to run a half marathon and subjected my body to 13 miles of extremely insane and totally unwanted hardship. BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!! After all, I earned a finisher’s medal with a picture of IT.

Behold, I am talking about the Golden Gate Bridge. These are a couple of my favorite shots taken by day and by night.



And the love never ceases………..


An afternoon in San Francisco

13 Apr

We were up in the city yesterday and it was a beautiful afternoon and we did not actually curse our weather luck one single time although I did curse myself for not being up there earlier in the day.