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First Day of School

15 Jul
First Day of (Pre)School, an important milestone for a very excited 3-year old and an equally excited mom. It is a promotion from daycare to close-to-the-real-school.
The highlight of the whole preschool adventure is arguably the ‘LUNCHBOX’. The bright red with white polka dots lunch bag is Jiya’s most prized possession these days. She wants to eat all her meals out of the lunch box, including breakfast and dinner. Although the irony remains that lunch is the least favorite meal to eat out of the lunch box, if you know what I mean 🙂
So continues the journey of many more such milestones, bright and beautiful, big and small!!

Some Serious Moves!!

24 Aug

I have been wanting to capture this for so long now and could not help sharing. Jiya is grooving to ‘Uff Teri Ada’. In her words – ‘Uff Telli abba’.