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5 Apr

Seriously, it never ends, does it?

I had embarked on a paper cleaning mission today and was simply overwhelmed by the realization of the many trees that were being felled simply because there was no end to the amount of junk mail I had been receiving. I tried to sort and separate the useful and useless items and no sooner was I done with one stack I had five new piles to wade through!! That was the fact of a beautiful sunny Saturday morning in my life.

The junk mail syndrome is like an exponentially bursting epidemic with no cure. And as I try to find ways and means to reduce the paper mess, the postal forces return with renewed batteries each time.

Even now I receive mails belonging to previous inhabitants of my apartment. Dude, havent you heard of ‘change of address or mail redirect’. It costs just a dollar and I am so willing to donate it right now.

Just a couple days back, there was a mail for my nine month old and I couldnt believe my eyes. Thats quite an early start and probably just a tip of the iceberg. Who sends mail to a nine month old? I think its child abuse or more like parent abuse. I am feeling quite annoyed and I guess that probably makes me a terrible mom.

Then there are those pointless phone calls that go overboard with various offers – mortgage interest rates, credit cards, travel lottery and what not. If you have the patience to bear the longest recorded message of your life then most of them have a ‘do not call’ option at the very end. But I am guessing most of us quit way before reaching there. One time, I was talking to a live customer rep and requested her to add me to that elusive ‘do not call’ list and she politely informed me that it would take 30 days to remove my name from the calling list. I am thinking – Lady, are you kidding me? I could probably make wine in 30 days and you could probably get the whole world off your list in 30 days!!!

The moral of the story is that, such is life and we just have to deal with all the junk that comes with it!