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Photo Finish at Denver Airport

1 Jun

Enough of me slacking!! I’ve decided to declare the month of June as one-post-per-day-month to make do for the sleepiness and slothfulness(this is really a word, no kidding!) that I had been indulging in. And so here comes the first installment.

Wow, what a finish it was at Denver airport on the fateful Tuesday evening!! I felt like I was in one of those oh-so-predictable thriller movies except that there was nothing predictable about my situation.

It all started when we missed the return flight to San Jose on Tuesday morning. Well, it actually started at the very beginning. I will explain myself and by the end of that explanation I would be living proof of Murphy’s law that ‘If there is anything that can go wrong, it will‘. We reached San Jose airport on that happy Friday evening to begin our trip to Denver and found out that the flight was delayed due to thunderstorms in Denver. And that was the start. Over the next 3 days it rained, it snowed, it rained again and snowed again and more rain and a tiny bit of sunshine was literally the only silver lining. I felt like an idiot for having traded gorgeous California sunshine for lousy soaking wet weather. But the highest point of the trip came at the very end. Like I said earlier, we missed our return flight to San Jose on Tuesday morning and were put as standby(wait listed) on the evening flight. We decided to try our luck and came back to the airport in the evening only to be told that we wouldnt know until the last passenger had boarded the the flight which was like 6.5 minutes before departure. After clearing security with all our trappings and paraphernalia (seriously, between the 3 of us, we needed 7 of those little tray things to put our stuff in for the scanner!!), Raghu parked me and Jiya and all our accessories at the boarding gate and went out again to return the rental car. I was almost certain that we werent going the make the final cut of confirmed passengers and even if we did, Raghu wasnt going to make it….Murphy’s law, what else?? But this is where, we managed to prove Mr. Murphy wrong. The agent handed me our boarding passes with 1 minute left to board and at the same instant I saw Raghu making a mad dash towards the gate.

We finally made it, each one of us and each one of our accessories back to San Jose on the same flight and in one piece. SWEET.