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Jiya and Mommy’s ‘mission’ accomplished

22 Apr

My apologies to all my readers for the lack of posts. Well, I was trying to play a full time host to my cousins and a part time mom to their 3-year old and it was the craziest combination ever. Life is now getting back to normal as I resume full time service to Jiya.

Last Sunday, all of us made a trip to Mission Peak with both the kids hauled on our backs and boy, was I proud of myself!!!


Jiya hitched a five-star ride to the top with occasional snacks and refreshments. Mommy was dead tired but was secretly hopeful that it would knock off a few ounces in the least! Jiya enjoyed the gorgeous view of the valley from the top. Mommy could feel each and every muscle on her shoulders, back and feet at the end of the day and also the next day. But the feeling was totally bittersweet and mommy is waiting for a rerun 🙂