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First Day of School

15 Jul
First Day of (Pre)School, an important milestone for a very excited 3-year old and an equally excited mom. It is a promotion from daycare to close-to-the-real-school.
The highlight of the whole preschool adventure is arguably the ‘LUNCHBOX’.Β The bright red with white polka dots lunch bag is Jiya’s most prized possession these days. She wants to eat all her meals out of the lunch box, including breakfast and dinner. Although the irony remains that lunch is the least favorite meal to eat out of the lunch box, if you know what I mean πŸ™‚
So continues the journey of many more such milestones, bright and beautiful, big and small!!

Happy Birthday to my Little Princess

2 Jul

Its been said many times and I’ll say again, they grow up so fast!! THEY REALLY DO. My little baby’s turned three and it does feel like just a few days back she was a tiny furball in my arms. I wouldnt have guessed at that time that this teeny weeny little being is soon going to have a personality of her own. And personality need not be directly proportional to height or age.

Speaking of personality, its simply amazing to see reflections of myself in her at times. Brings about a happy sense of pride, like scoring a brownie point. And my latest high came when she was more interested in reading ‘Little Miss Giggles’ than playing with my iPhone. Dont you just love those moments of parental satisfaction(maybe I am doing something right). And you want to lock them into a little box forever.

I have to admit though that I am doing a lousy job at recording these beautiful moments and being eight months pregnant is no help at all. Some days I have bouts of sudden anxiety that I need to stop these moments from slipping through my hands. Its going to be harder than ever as I realize that soon mommy space and time is soon going to be shared amongst a jealous toddler, a bawling and hungry infant, an ever-increasing list of chores and not to mention a husband and a job. And top it all up with the need for some PEACE OF MIND and SLEEP, of course!!

In short, I am terrified of how much of dysfunction I will be able to handle in the coming months. Inspite of the lurking unknown, its heartwarming to see my toddler wanting to caress and kiss her baby sibling who she cant understand wont stop kicking mommy. I think she is already teaming up with the baby and plotting our downfall. And I am loving it! I cant wait to sweep her up into my arms next month, something that I have missed doing SO MUCH for the past few months, especially on her birthday.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little, ‘BIG’ girl :-))

I Am Back and With a Glimpse Into My Future

29 Apr

Its been almost five months that I have been absconding from this space. I am back now and hopefully for good πŸ™‚ A lot has been going on the last 5 months and I also got  glimpse into my future!!

Yes, thats right, three more months and we will be welcoming our second bundle of joy. I am excited as well as terrified!! Well, the excitement wins by a slight edge πŸ™‚

Beauty Sleep

23 Jul

I want to put her in a sandwich and eat her up πŸ™‚

 Have a Happy Weekend, folks!!

Of Fathers and Daughters

22 Jul

I know Father’s Day is long gone but I recently took this picture and couldnt help wondering about it. There is something so warm and fuzzy about a father daughter relationship. They share a very special and unique bond unlike any other. I am told that when my baby sister was born, I brought the house down at the prospect of having to share my mom and finally gave in with a heavy heart but when it came to my dad, I just plain refused, ‘NO WAY. HE IS MINE’!

The beauty of this relationship is that it has stayed the same over generations, no change, no evolution. Years ago, it was ‘Baabul ki duwayein leti ja’ and today it is ‘Papa ki pari hoon mai’.

The picture in question, which sums it all –

Although, I love being a mom and I would never give it up for anything else, I sometimes wonder how it would be to be a dad and experience that warm and fuzzy love!!