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My new secret ingredient

13 May

I discovered this little wonder just a few weeks back. I knew it existed out there. I had seen it, picked it up for a closer look multiple times. I had also put it away with a sense of guilt. In my mind, no self-respecting cook with decent culinary skills would even think of using GARLIC POWDER!! My mom would surely disown me if she ever found out. So I am going to keep it that way unless she reads this post and I’ll just have to settle for being the black sheep of the family who uses garlic powder. In the past, I would have been ashamed of the fact but now I am going to say, ‘SO BE IT’ after having discovered the usefulness of the secret garlic weapon.

My guilt is lessened by the fact that I am using it in quick-fix-meals that need to be fixed quickly, so the lesser you have to deal with, the better, without really compromising the taste. Here is a very simple and easy pasta recipe



1 onion

1 green bell pepper

1 can of olives, drained

olive oil

grated parmesan cheese

your favorite pasta (I used egg noodles)

salt and pepper


crushed red pepper (optional)


Chop the onion and bell pepper length-wise and saute over olive oil until semi soft. Add salt to taste. Cook the pasta in boiling water mixed with salt. Drain. Add cold water (to stop further cooking) and drain again. Mix with the vegetables, add the drained olives, grated cheese and more olive oil if you like. Now add the GARLIC POWDER and see the wonderful transformation in the taste. Add crushed pepper for extra hotness. Voila, ready to serve!

I love my new secret ingredient 🙂