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Wildflowers in California

6 Apr

Last weekend photos from our little wildflower hunt. The yellow ones are poppies but I do not know the names of the rest. At the park, the ranger did give me a list of flowers with their two feet long botanical names, forget about remembering them, I had trouble even reading them!! I honestly believe in seeing things. Okay, that came out wrong, I dont normally ‘SEE’ things or dead people for that matter. I meant I am all for the visual senses.

Too much digression, enough of my nonsense, please, ‘see for yourself’.










Spring is in my frontyard

18 Mar


I couldnt help capturing this gorgeous pink tree from my patio a couple days back. I think its a crab apple tree and I am loving the mess its making because its signalling the end of the nasty weather that has been pounding us. They say that the Californian water reserves are still depleted and the rain is still welcome.

I am reminded of my childhood days in India, especially the part where I grew up, it has always been dry and scorched and hungry for water throughout the year. Did you know whats the most valuable piece of property over there – water storage tanks and their most elaborate accessories!! In a certain summer, those items were the most stolen ones in my neighborhood. They were actually the means to acquire a more prized possession – WATER