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Stunning Colors

4 Jun

Its hard work, writing a post a day especially when you are suffering from writer’s block induced by a 24X7 attention-seeking-one-year-old. Thats exactly what I am suffering from right now and it is only been 3 days since I declared to do a post a day. Me and my big mouth!!

So, I am going to do the easy way out, use one of my photographs in my post. This is like the nth time that my camera has come to my rescue and saved my face.


It was an ordinary evening in November of 2005. Raghu and I were on our way back from our 8-day road trip. This was somewhere on the way from Page in Arizona to Las Vegas. The sun was just about to set when we stopped on the side of the highway and pitched our tripod in a field. It was so cold that I couldnt keep my hand steady inspite of my gloves. The sky was ablaze as the sun went down and I managed to capture some of the stunning colors. WOW, if this was an ordinary everyday sunset, I wonder what an extraordinary evening would be like 🙂