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The hike to Half Dome

30 Jun


Thats Raghu and I, on the top of Half Dome. Yeah, we finally made it to the top but thats only half the story. The real half is the journey to the top. This is actually our second trip to Half Dome. This time around we started from Glacier Point and then back via John Muir and Vernal Falls trail. We wanted to do something new since this was our second trip up there. So we took our video camera to record the final leg where you climb the cables as we thought it’d be cool to save it for the future and we actually succeeded at capturing a pretty decent video.

On the way up, while we were taking a break to rest our legs and feeling really good about ourselves, a couple passed us that made us look like complete idiots wasting our time! So many other people had passed up on the way but they hadnt been 70-something-and-cool-looking!! It was only when we reached the top that the previous humbling moment was erased by the spectacular I-DID-IT-AGAIN feeling.